J.W Lemon

Founder of The

Henry County NAACP

Mr.  Lemon was born on November 9, 1919, during slavery time. Mr. Lemon saw the plight of his community and wanted to do something to help. So, Mr. JW Lemons found the courage and strength to start a chapter of the NAACP. He is the founding father and the first President of the Henry County NAACP.  He started the unit in 1943 and by 1946 the unit was the largest in Georgia boasting of 400 members. Membership during that time was one dollar and Mr. Lemon pushed membership!

During his presidency, Mr. Lemon endured hate letters, the burning of his barn, destroying hay, and the killing of his mules. Mr. Lemon often slept in trees at night to avoid being captured by hate groups. He continued working on behalf of his community. Received as a community leader, entrepreneur, and a family man, Mr. Lemon was married for 59 years and fathered three children.

Mr. Lemon focused on voters’ registration. He knew that voting was the avenue to better opportunities for African Americans.

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Thank you, Mr. JW Lemon!

Henry County NAACP

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